Central Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency
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CMMC Family Medicine Residency Residents

CMMC Lewiston Residents

Third-Year Residents

Clare Alexander MD
Co-Chief Resident

Name: Clare Elise Alexander
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Medical School: University of Queensland, Australia
Undergraduate: McGill University, Canada
Major: Finance & Economics
Born in British Columbia, I consider Vancouver as my ‘home town’ but, saying that, I spent various years of my up-bringing and adult life divided between, Vancouver, Toronto, the U.K. and most recently Australia.
My path to Medicine has not been a direct one. Four years of study earned me a Business and Finance degree from McGill University which I immediately put to use by spending the next 5 years working in London in the finance industry. In 2010 I realized there were other goals I wanted to achieve professionally and personally. With family ‘down under’, Australia was an appealing choice, so I completed my medical degree in Brisbane, Australia. In early January, amidst a stupendous snowstorm, I came to CMMC Lewiston for an interview. Not exactly the weather I had become accustomed to in Australia, but the charm of Maine and its warm hearted people won me over. Being an avid outdoors person - hiker, skier, biker - CMMC seemed an obvious choice for me to be able to combine these interests with my career goal to train as a family physician. I am trading in my surf board for x-c skis and looking forward to the future!

Tony Chan MD

Name: Tony Chan
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Medical School: St. George’s University
Undergraduate: Queen’s University
Major: Life Sciences

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and received my Bachelor of Sciences at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. After undergrad, I decided to pursue a degree in medicine in the warmer climate of Grenada with St. George's University School of Medicine. I have spent the last two years in clinical training in Brooklyn, NY, and am excited for a new change of scenery that Maine will offer.

I am drawn to Family Medicine because of the diverse roles family medicine physicians play in the world of health care. I am excited for the relationships that I can develop with patients and their families over time. My particular interests include working with urgent care patients as well as family medicine. Central Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency was the ideal fit because it allows me to focus on both my interests with its unique selective training.

Outside of medicine, I am interested in cycling, golfing and hopelessly following the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Benjamin Kamin MD

Ben Kamin
Hometown: Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Undergraduate Studies: Carroll University, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Studies: Human Biology (Major), Biochemistry (Minor)

I was born and raised in the lakeside community of Pewaukee, Wisconsin. The proximity to water and the varying seasons of Wisconsin fostered my participation in multiple outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, and boating. My appreciation was augmented by my employment at a bait and tackle shop for multiple years during school and the opportunity to travel with my family on unique hunting trips.

In such travels, I visited Maine and was taken back by the natural beauty, kindness of the people, and the abundance of outdoor activities. Therefore, when I had the opportunity to partake in an away rotation in Maine during medical school, I jumped at the opportunity. Working in the healthcare arena of Maine during the rotation reinforced my appreciation of the people and environment of the state. Consequently, I chose to pursue a family medicine residency in Maine.

In the coming years, I look forward to establishing myself as a “Mainer” while building strong relations with my fellow community members through my practice as a family doctor, while exploring the beauty of my own back yard.

When away from the hospital, I enjoy hunting, fishing, collecting wooden decoys, selling treasures on eBay, spending time with my black lab, and watching movies.

Frank Zach Mazone DO

Name: F. “Zach” Mazone
Hometown: Littleton, Colorado
Medical School: University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Colorado, Boulder
Major: International Business & Finance

I grew up in Colorado and first came to Maine in 1990, as a Naval Aviator flying the P-3C “Orion” for my first tour with a squadron based out of Brunswick Naval Air Station. I quickly fell in love with both the beauty and the way of life here in Maine because it possessed all the rugged adventure, and independent spirit of my boyhood home in the Colorado mountains, but also has a rich “Early American History” and “Ocean Heritage”. Maine combined all the aspects that drew me to serve in the United States Navy originally, and so it only seemed natural that I would choose to stay and make the Great State of Maine his new home.

After my “full time” service to the Navy was finished, I had the privilege to be a Professional Airline Pilot for American Airlines for almost eleven years, flying out of Boston Logan Airport to numerous cities in Europe and throughout the Caribbean. While flying for American Airlines, I experienced a strong spiritual calling to change my profession, and become a “Family Medicine Doc” so that I might truly serve the daily physical, mental and spiritual needs of the families within my community. I then spent the next 10 years going to night school, and ultimately medical school right here in Maine to achieve my dream.

One of the main reasons that I chose to become a family medicine physician at CMMC was because of the wonderful group of health professionals that I have met here in the Brunswick, Topsham and Lewiston areas. It has been exciting and encouraging to find others who share my passion for building up healthy families through; providing truly compassionate care, teaching families how to prevent disease by choosing healthy/life-enriching choices, and committing themselves to being long-term partners with families as they go through this process.

I am firmly committed to encouraging “lifestyle medicine”, and have been involved with several Lifestyle Health Programs/Centers, both here in the U.S. and overseas. I have also had the benefit of mentoring with several leading doctors around the country who are specializing in Preventive & Lifestyle Medicine. Currently, I am involved in providing health outreach lectures on "Lifestyle Health" & "Natural Ways of Overcoming Depression" at a community health outreach center located here in Lewiston.

When not at work, I along with my wife Kim, enjoy sharing the blessings and challenges of homeschooling our two wonderful children, building up our small organic vegetable farm, being actively involved in our lay-led church, and exploring the great outdoors of Maine throughout the year. My personal passions are promoting health and building quality relationships among my family, friends, work associates, church, and community. My long term dream is to establish, a “Farm-based” Community Wellness Center that would serve as a holistic medical & lifestyle educational connecting point for the people of Maine and for others from abroad. My other interests include green-home building, teaching, reading, & exploring the wonders of nature with my family and friends through; biking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, hiking, cross-country skiing, and organic farming/gardening.

Nupur Nagrare MD
Co-Chief Resident

Name: Nupur Nagrare-Iyer
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Medical School: American University of Antigua, College of Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Toronto
Major: Human Biology: Genetics & Biotechnology

Born and raised in India, I moved to Canada with my family as a teenager. The transition from the dry and extremely warm city of Ahmedabad to the bone chilling winters of Toronto - I often refer to this as going from frying pan to the freezer. Back then I did not expect to become a doctor. I wanted to be an architect or perhaps would have followed my parents’ footsteps as an engineer. But the summer I tended to my ailing grandmother changed my perspective and outlook on life. I wanted to be a caregiver and a guide with a steadfast commitment to the health of communities.

During my undergrad years, I worked with disadvantaged high school students as a mentor and also volunteered at one of Toronto’s biggest hospitals. I observed and learned the hard-hitting realities entombed between individuals’ socio-economic status, living conditions and their health outcomes. The poorer one is, the more squalid the living conditions - the more squalid the living conditions, the worse their health outcome. This bleak picture awoke me to the gaps in the health system even within what is supposed to be a universal, portable and equitable, single-payer health care system in Canada. My commitment to serving disadvantaged communities has been reinforced through my experiences and I decided to become a health professional, more specifically, a family practitioner committed to improving the health of communities through health promotion, improving living conditions, and providing care that follows patients through their entire continuum of health care needs.

I have always wanted to visit the many beautiful beaches of Maine, but never imagined I would one day live here. When I interviewed at CMMC, I was nervous and even anxious because I had never visited Maine and didn’t know what Mainers were like. At the interview, I was completely won over by the warmth of faculty and residents. Driving around town, I felt greeted and welcome in what can only be described as Maine-stream hospitality. I chose CMMC because I believe in patient-centric care that puts an emphasis on accessible, good quality primary care. Being part of an unopposed family medicine program means I can learn exactly how to deliver good, front-line care to communities. I look forward to being exposed to every field of medicine and work with dedicated faculty in this very academically driven program. Over the next three years, I hope to enjoy the natural beauty of Maine, and repay some of the hospitality afforded by Mainers by helping contribute to the community in every which way I can.

While deeply committed to delivering good quality primary care to ultimately improve the health care system for healthy communities, I have many interests outside the field. My husband, Aditya and I are food aficionados and our biggest sin sometimes is gluttony. We also like to paint on canvas and experiment with various forms and styles and appreciate good architecture and interior design. When not cooking, eating or painting - we like to travel, enjoy the outdoors and enjoy a good conversation under a clear, starry night.