Central Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency
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CMMC Family Medicine Residency Residents

Swift River Rural Track

Second-Year Residents

Jennifer Hanson MD

Name: Jennifer D Hanson
Hometown: Middletown Springs, Vermont
Medical School: University of Vermont College of Medicine
Graduate: Tufts University, MAT
Undergraduate: Vassar College
Major: BA, Psychology

I came to medicine after a number of fulfilling years teaching English in both boarding and day school settings. The birth of my son drew me to midwifery, and after returning to school for the first time, I became a Licensed Midwife in Vermont with a small homebirth practice in my local community. After a few years I realized that I wanted to expand my scope of practice to work with both women and their families and across the age spectrum. I wanted the depth and breadth that a medical school education could provide, and found that at the University of Vermont College of Medicine.

The CMMC Family Medicine Residency Program offers the perfect training to allow me to provide the kind of full spectrum care I seek for my patients. I am very committed to serving in a rural and underserved community. This is where I am from and is what I want to give back to. I know that the CMMC Rural Track is the ideal place for me to accomplish my goals

Outside of medicine my interests range from hiking and snowshoeing, to a capella and shape note singing, to cooking and quilting.

Kathryn McLellan MD

Name: Kathryn (Kaily) McLellan
Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Medical School: Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI
Undergraduate: Hope College, Holland, MI
Major: Civil Engineering

I first realized I was drawn to medicine in high school while traveling through Malawi. I wanted to be able to work with the people I was meeting, and the first idea in my head was medicine. Having spent years in gymnastics, I had become fascinated with the human body and its ability to heal. In college, I got to spend two weeks working in a clinic in Kenya, and I was hooked. The doctors I worked with while there were all general family doctors, and I loved how they practiced medicine. Volunteering in free clinics around Detroit during medical school helped alleviate the stress of class work and reinforced my passion for primary care. Throughout the four years of medical school, family medicine was the only field that fully encapsulated what I wanted to do, which was everything.

I fell in love with the CMMC residency at the AAFP conference in Kansas City. The residents spoke about a familial and supportive environment in the setting of intense medical practice. I knew I wanted to train in a community based program, but CMMC stood out because of the friendships among the residents, the faculty, and the support staff. The location, with all its outdoor opportunities, was a definite plus.

Most of my time is spent with my husband and our adorable dog. I grew up in the mountains camping and hiking and am ecstatic to be back around mountains again. I also love to read and have a massive collection of favorite books. Running and yoga have been my main exercise outlets, but the hubby and I are looking to add water sports to our lives as well.