Central Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency
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CMMC Family Medicine Residency Residents

Swift River Rural Track

Third-Year Residents

James Flannery MD

Name: James Flannery
Hometown: Toronto, ON Canada
Medical School: Saba University School of Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Toronto
Major: Genes, Genetics and Biotechnology

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” R. Tagore

I have chosen a career in medicine to be of service to others. My father was a physician and I always admired his undying desire to help his patients and his unfettered hope that they would all eventually gain the strength, knowledge and support to help themselves. Here at CMMC and for the length of my career I aspire to uphold his example.

Prior to medicine I was a member of the British and Canadian militaries where I was able to explore many countries, enjoy the wilderness and be engaged in daily physical activity. Along with continuing the ideal of service as doctor, it is my intention to maintain my connection to exploration, the wilderness and physical activity by enjoying Maine’s beautiful shores and mountains, participating in the Wilderness/International Medicine Program at CMMC and getting outside daily.

The greatest pleasure of my time here in Maine will no doubt be seeing my children grow up in a state where the natural beauty is so often reflected in the warm and welcoming people who live here.

I chose the rural track because it offers the best opportunity for getting to know your patients and their community. Further, the smaller and more remote setting challenges a primary care physician to be a better resource manager, a better communicator and develop greater confidence in their skills and tools.

Spending time with my family, crossfit, hockey, wilderness/expeditionary medicine, integrative medicine and learning to telemark ski.

Sarah Kelley-Spearing DO

Name: Sarah Kelley-Spearing
Hometown: Stowe, Vermont
Medical School: Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: Johns Hopkins University
Major: Biology

I desire to provide whole person care in a small, rural community. My first interest in medicine was during a study of Tibetan Medicine in the Himalayas while in college. I was inspired by the complete integration of physical, mental, and emotional balance and healing. I was also interested in living in balance with our environment, and first pursued a career in environmental education after college, in Colorado. I fell in love with the mountains there, and remained for an opportunity to work in clinical research at an orthopaedics clinic. There I was additionally inspired by sports medicine and enabling people to return to the activities that empowered their lives. I chose to enter osteopathic medical school and seek a career in rural, integrative, family practice. Here I can embrace that which empowers me, and act locally in a close knit community to spread seeds of balance, health and change.

I am excited to train in a rural track with access to education in integrative medicine, sports medicine, wilderness and international medicine, and further my training in osteopathic manual medicine. There are opportunities to expand upon all of my interests and to prepare myself to be a physician in a rural community and feel confident in providing care for everything and anything that may present. I love living in a rural community with access to all of the outdoor activities that inspire me, especially backcountry skiing. I am excited to return to my home of New England and explore the mountains around Rumford.

Interests: skiing, telemark skiing, backcountry skiing, mountaineering, trail running, climbing, mountain biking, yoga, meditation